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How To Get Work Down While Traveling to the South Bay of Los Angeles

How To Get Work Down While Travelling to the South Bay of Los Angeles

Frequent Travellers typically travel for work or work while they’re travelling. Many already leverage cowork or coworking facilities to get business done when they are in a new city. When people first arrive in a new city they may need to visit a cowork campus before they even check-in to their hotel. 
Why coworking? Access to printers, meeting other business travelers and locals and even have a base of operations in a new city.
The big boys of coworking can be a bit pricey and getting slightly out of major metropolitan areas can give you a whole new perspective of the local area.
In Los Angeles’ South Bay area one such unique Coworking campus is Social Workplace. Established in 2018 in the city of Lomita Social Workplace offers private office space, coworking and conference rooms on-demand. They also have a significant outdoor event space and a classroom space that can easily hold 20-30 seated guests.
Of course, they cater to mostly local solopreneurs, startups and small business owners they serve travelers from all over. Even national training programs that look for local classroom space.
Social Workplace is centrally located between Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and Long Beach Airport (LGB).
If you are travelling to Los Angeles’ South Bay area or are just looking for a productive comfortable space to get stuff done you may want to book a day pass or book a tour with Social Workplace.