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Convenience, Added-Value and Just Plain Smart!

Do you have an awkwardly placed light switch, a larger home with too many light switches or do you just want to add music in a room or throughout your home? Maybe you’re looking for a combination of added security in and mood-setting outdoor lights to highlight your yard or pool at night?

Make your dumb house a smart home!

What is a smart home? A smart home can save you time throughout the day, provide ambiance when you wake up, come home and go to sleep and provide you with security when you’re home or away. Everyday homeowners in are adding value to their homes by not just increasing curb appeal but amazing home shoppers when lights come on and music plays while they tour your smart home.

The local Home Light Security representative can increase not only the perceived value of your home in as short as half a day–but the actual value as well.

We work with Realtors, Home Stagers, Interior Designers and Landscapers to help increase the value of homes, add security and make your life easier everyday!

Either contact us directly or as your trusted agent about our services to easily add 10% to your homes value.

Rental Owners Can Add Value

Do you own a rental? By adding Smart Home technology you can attract a higher paying renter and charge premium for a smart unit.

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